Open software, Adobe created "magazine for iPad"

Although Flash Player or Flash Player files will be banned from Ice Pad (iPad) portable computer, Apple's touch screen. But it does not mean, Adobe (Adobe Systems) to allow the market ignored massive pad to a vapor. Because today, Adobe software, the new report will enable manufacturers to create a magazine. Digital versions of magazines, I pad for display on a brilliant professional and fast.

Software company with InDesign CS5 Publisher shall be placed or page layout to create a digital magazine version. Then sent a package of content to mobile viewers quickly and easily, now Wired magazine, created by master InDesign CS5 to download and then open the store in Apple App Store apps.

However, InDesign CS5 will not begin officially released at this time. Also not disclosed any details software packet number posted by David (David Burkett), vice president and division manager to rank, Adobe Creative Solutions of reasoning that, Adobe is working to provide software support hardware Multi-platform first. The Company believes that all publishers will provide good feedback soon.

C. Net reported. Digital magazine model using InDesign CS5 placed layout can display the animated feature. You Sir interface. Navigation system and A. Chan multiple effects. The point is, Adobe believes will lead to a whole new generation of advertising in the future.

This is another move, Adobe and Apple, after the collision Ming Flash applications on the platform even if the flash is being used to create a game. Animation. And various applications on steep site widely around the world. But Apple also confirmed the position does not support flash portable iPod and iPhone, and I pad platform claims that because Flash is not open standards and lack of stability. Make out, Adobe dialog that Apple's action limiting the right to choose platform programming language developers will either be the case that became a U.S. official is to verify that Apple's stance will impede free trade network. The United States illegally or not.

Not just software, Adobe InDesign to ignore the dispute and hopefully make money from Apple brand device ago, Adobe introduced. Mobile is an application for mobile devices, Adobe developed the iPhone customers. To be loaded and active. By an application that I can support pad. Tablet and various other camps.