Microsoft Louis marketing hello Inform the "Microsoft Kin"

Pictures off the phone with Microsoft's codenamed Project Pink becomes a real machine. The Microsoft announced its own mobile phone that Kin One official and Kin Two targeting the teenage chat fans social networking as a rumor. Place scheduled for release early this May.

Kin Two Kin One and all come with keyboard QWERTY, a function multimedia player Zune, touch screen with all kinds of social networking tools, but do not support Apple Store online apps.

Microsoft's scheduled launch of the second generation mobile phones is the beginning of May through the O operator Verizon Wireless (Verizon Wireless) No details available at this time.

And Kin One criticism is that Kin Two and a combination of phone popular with American teenagers Sidekick (Sidekick) T-Mobile, which (T-Mobile) was released earlier this And services, "Moto Blur (Motoblur)" of Motorola, which features information from various social networking sites. Camp and bis Potter (Twitter) Phase Book (Facebook) Windows Live (Windows Live) and MySpace was a (MySpace) all the media Americans certain perceived Kin One and Kin Two will be mobile in the dream. kick teenage fans site only

Microsoft reiterated that Kin and 2 programs running on some version of the Windows operating system Seven Phone Inc. (Windows Phone 7) Not only is a device called Windows Seven Phone Inc. developed But to be customized to support the work of social networks and online music sharing, content specific

Kin and two models with slide-style keyboard. Kin One difference is in oval shape QWERTY keypad compact 5 megapixel digital camera with LED flash video shoot while he is square Kin Two more Keypad and the screen is larger than 8 million pixel digital camera can record high-definition video 720p.

The second with Zune multimedia player that can connect to radio stations. Pot cast and can purchase music from the store Zune Marketplace was free to come with web browsers that support multi-touch or touch multiple points simultaneously, which lets users "pinch" or crimping inches to enlarge the screen pages. easily.

Functions of social networking, Microsoft proudly presents the Kin Loop is a service to update the status of Phase Book My Quest for God and bis Potter automated critical point various other points of mobile family of Kin is the key. Press the green end of the key pad, Microsoft called the Kin Spot is a button to allow users to share files, video and data pages resident has an instant. Just press this button, then drag the marker or content services that want to share in Spot, then press again to select the account you want to send This can be a single or a multiple time. And we can press to send the phase bis Potter Book or MySpace was a time, too.

Also includes various kinds of troops from the Microsoft site and install the kick Kin Kin Studio as a private Web page where users can back up a Kin to photos, videos and messages on the online world. Of course, this time Microsoft is preparing the well to prevent users Kin see why the network is down. The Sidekick users faced when fortune came last October.

Kin One memory is 4GB and the 8GB Kin Two Nvidia Tegra processors support both Wi-Fi but can not install an extra application. Which many people thought the lack Kin and two key features that will attract a broad user.