That is to be safe and sound and play forex

That is to be safe and sound and play forex Aai is the life. Where you live is not at all.

1. You will need to bring costs into dollars and leave the least.

Here many people might overlook to write. But you have to sell the difference between buying at 2 Baht coin is the idea that 36% you like 5% here is that you have not played no disadvantage here is quite far to. If reducing the difference down the left 1 Baht / $ is better.

2. You must be rewarding to your risk.

Pyam what I'm telling you in this process is. You should be back in commission rates is quite wrong. Because when you are all risks. The person who introduced you to not risk you. Many people may see it as just 1 point less not much own. not believe that. Some team, I deposit $ 100 less to play Sun Commission amount listed is the cost to $ 210 more than 2 times here that I think is around 30% of you should not be free.

3. The guide properly and sincere way.

The concern that many people come in and play some free money into account. And now the next step decided to fabricate a $ 5 payment to be $ 1,000,000 based on patterns I've seen made excel question that can come together. I think people would have done. But if into a hard, it will be like playing too much gambling.

Or many times you know will be in GJ do. Ask someone to introduce you to that was held to a minute to take it back OK time. What is it you have to have 20 points, but I've seen it is not returned, and you need money to. Then that amount but do not sit prayer. Would not eat nor sleep sleep. Sometimes need to match this information is true and real experience.