What is Forex

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange.

Perhaps the acronym that FX.

If no translation between the square Forex is foreign exchange rates. But if the meaning of some investors is the Forex market trading foreign currency exchange rates. Example. Exchange rates between currencies quoted in U.S. dollars (USD) to Japanese Yen (JPY) is the exchange rate is USD / JPY = 89.88 Forex investors would bid into the exchange rate speculation. If you see the trend of the currency the U.S. $ is stronger than the Japanese Yen will go a Long Position to just focus all What is conclude that it is acquiring. More details will be explained later. In contrast, if you see money quoted in U.S. dollars will be more than the Japanese Yen will. Enter the Short Position or sell building-block.

If a meaningful take home any time they like to play the Hi-Low - to buy - sales That Tongue out, but if say a like gambling, it will take to Forex segment different from gambling. We can overcome the Forex market without the good luck. If through analysis of existing tools or tools that we have come together to see that write tools that can be used to analyze the Forex market to overcome what.

Compaq Presario CQ20-415TU

Name: Compaq Presario CQ20-415TU
Cpu: Intel Dual Core
Ram: 2 GB
Hdd: 9 GB
Monitor: 5 "

Intel Core 2 Duo T6600(2.2GHz,800MHz FSB,2MB L2) Intel GM45 (Cantiga GM) Intel Graphics-Mobile Intel GMA 4500M UMA up to 358MB 2048MB DDR2-800MHz (1024MBx1DIMM) 500GB Hard Drive 5400 rpm (Serial ATA) 12.1"(16:10 aspect ratio)WXGA with BrightView DVD+/-RW DL LightScribe SuperMulti Integrated 10/100 LAN Ethernet,high spees 56K modem 802.11b/g Wireless Web camera & Single Digital Microphone Altec Lansing HD Audio Two Integrated stereo speakers Limited warranty 1 year + Onsite Service 1 Year

That is to be safe and sound and play forex

That is to be safe and sound and play forex Aai is the life. Where you live is not at all.

1. You will need to bring costs into dollars and leave the least.

Here many people might overlook to write. But you have to sell the difference between buying at 2 Baht coin is the idea that 36% you like 5% here is that you have not played no disadvantage here is quite far to. If reducing the difference down the left 1 Baht / $ is better.

2. You must be rewarding to your risk.

Pyam what I'm telling you in this process is. You should be back in commission rates is quite wrong. Because when you are all risks. The person who introduced you to not risk you. Many people may see it as just 1 point less not much own. not believe that. Some team, I deposit $ 100 less to play Sun Commission amount listed is the cost to $ 210 more than 2 times here that I think is around 30% of you should not be free.

3. The guide properly and sincere way.

The concern that many people come in and play some free money into account. And now the next step decided to fabricate a $ 5 payment to be $ 1,000,000 based on patterns I've seen made excel question that can come together. I think people would have done. But if into a hard, it will be like playing too much gambling.

Or many times you know will be in GJ do. Ask someone to introduce you to that was held to a minute to take it back OK time. What is it you have to have 20 points, but I've seen it is not returned, and you need money to. Then that amount but do not sit prayer. Would not eat nor sleep sleep. Sometimes need to match this information is true and real experience.

"GIGABYTE" Notebook

Computex in this year's highlights that most people that would focus specifically on the CPU you who do not. New energy (ULV) Core i5 ULV from Intel as a team manager today to see a glimpse any cyber heart Notebook Core i5 ULV version from GIGABYTE on a M1125N to feature on the small size. Interesting and effective with the slogan "Super Sexy".

The spec the laptop this will include CPU Intel Core i5 ULV (not yet announced that the CPU speed), the screen will display the Multi-Touch (can rotate and fold the Tablet PC experience) Size: 11.6 inches (1,366 x768 pixels). and a graphics chip uses Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce 310M Optimus Techonology system which is used by NVIDIA as a control switch for use of graphics chips.

Section of the keyboard are chiclet keyboard with a 500GB hard drive capacity, and finally the laptop is compatible with USB 3.0 and 3.5G.

Microsoft Louis marketing hello Inform the "Microsoft Kin"

Pictures off the phone with Microsoft's codenamed Project Pink becomes a real machine. The Microsoft announced its own mobile phone that Kin One official and Kin Two targeting the teenage chat fans social networking as a rumor. Place scheduled for release early this May.

Kin Two Kin One and all come with keyboard QWERTY, a function multimedia player Zune, touch screen with all kinds of social networking tools, but do not support Apple Store online apps.

Microsoft's scheduled launch of the second generation mobile phones is the beginning of May through the O operator Verizon Wireless (Verizon Wireless) No details available at this time.

And Kin One criticism is that Kin Two and a combination of phone popular with American teenagers Sidekick (Sidekick) T-Mobile, which (T-Mobile) was released earlier this And services, "Moto Blur (Motoblur)" of Motorola, which features information from various social networking sites. Camp and bis Potter (Twitter) Phase Book (Facebook) Windows Live (Windows Live) and MySpace was a (MySpace) all the media Americans certain perceived Kin One and Kin Two will be mobile in the dream. kick teenage fans site only

Microsoft reiterated that Kin and 2 programs running on some version of the Windows operating system Seven Phone Inc. (Windows Phone 7) Not only is a device called Windows Seven Phone Inc. developed But to be customized to support the work of social networks and online music sharing, content specific

Kin and two models with slide-style keyboard. Kin One difference is in oval shape QWERTY keypad compact 5 megapixel digital camera with LED flash video shoot while he is square Kin Two more Keypad and the screen is larger than 8 million pixel digital camera can record high-definition video 720p.

The second with Zune multimedia player that can connect to radio stations. Pot cast and can purchase music from the store Zune Marketplace was free to come with web browsers that support multi-touch or touch multiple points simultaneously, which lets users "pinch" or crimping inches to enlarge the screen pages. easily.

Functions of social networking, Microsoft proudly presents the Kin Loop is a service to update the status of Phase Book My Quest for God and bis Potter automated critical point various other points of mobile family of Kin is the key. Press the green end of the key pad, Microsoft called the Kin Spot is a button to allow users to share files, video and data pages resident has an instant. Just press this button, then drag the marker or content services that want to share in Spot, then press again to select the account you want to send This can be a single or a multiple time. And we can press to send the phase bis Potter Book or MySpace was a time, too.

Also includes various kinds of troops from the Microsoft site and install the kick Kin Kin Studio as a private Web page where users can back up a Kin to photos, videos and messages on the online world. Of course, this time Microsoft is preparing the well to prevent users Kin see why the network is down. The Sidekick users faced when fortune came last October.

Kin One memory is 4GB and the 8GB Kin Two Nvidia Tegra processors support both Wi-Fi but can not install an extra application. Which many people thought the lack Kin and two key features that will attract a broad user.

Open software, Adobe created "magazine for iPad"

Although Flash Player or Flash Player files will be banned from Ice Pad (iPad) portable computer, Apple's touch screen. But it does not mean, Adobe (Adobe Systems) to allow the market ignored massive pad to a vapor. Because today, Adobe software, the new report will enable manufacturers to create a magazine. Digital versions of magazines, I pad for display on a brilliant professional and fast.

Software company with InDesign CS5 Publisher shall be placed or page layout to create a digital magazine version. Then sent a package of content to mobile viewers quickly and easily, now Wired magazine, created by master InDesign CS5 to download and then open the store in Apple App Store apps.

However, InDesign CS5 will not begin officially released at this time. Also not disclosed any details software packet number posted by David (David Burkett), vice president and division manager to rank, Adobe Creative Solutions of reasoning that, Adobe is working to provide software support hardware Multi-platform first. The Company believes that all publishers will provide good feedback soon.

C. Net reported. Digital magazine model using InDesign CS5 placed layout can display the animated feature. You Sir interface. Navigation system and A. Chan multiple effects. The point is, Adobe believes will lead to a whole new generation of advertising in the future.

This is another move, Adobe and Apple, after the collision Ming Flash applications on the platform even if the flash is being used to create a game. Animation. And various applications on steep site widely around the world. But Apple also confirmed the position does not support flash portable iPod and iPhone, and I pad platform claims that because Flash is not open standards and lack of stability. Make out, Adobe dialog that Apple's action limiting the right to choose platform programming language developers will either be the case that became a U.S. official is to verify that Apple's stance will impede free trade network. The United States illegally or not.

Not just software, Adobe InDesign to ignore the dispute and hopefully make money from Apple brand device ago, Adobe introduced. Photoshop.com Mobile is an application for mobile devices, Adobe developed the iPhone customers. To be loaded and active. By an application that I can support pad. Tablet and various other camps.