Forex major markets

Forex major markets are New York, London, Japan, Australia and Europe, including the opening or closing hours in each area will not match. And the overlap is. Make trade from around the world. Able to hit the market from Monday to hit 4 of 4 of Saturday ever. Called almost 24 hours is all that.

Forex market is beginning to play them in the leg large. Such as the Bank Group funds importer and exporter and stay behind began to trade online access. And brokerage services for retail investors. And inexperienced to start with a investors in the Forex market with the money only $ 1 - $ 500 only a traffic investment in the financial markets of this. Spread around the world.

Summary of benefits and attractive market Forex.

1. Using a low minimum investment is only $ 1 or about 35 baht.
2. Online marketing and all through the Internet 24 hours a day.
3. Orders - sales. Is no automatic stay between all orders - Sale.
4. Profitable markets both upstream and down markets.
5. Low cost operation. Spreed broker fee from 1 - 20 pips per trade depending on the currency pair traded.
6. Counterfeits to try to trade on a virtual system with no real cost.