Watch "Apple's map" to replace "Google's maps"

Battle Maps on mobile devices bitter brew as soon as news of silent ambush. Acquisition of Map of the Apple name Placebase be disclosed to the public. This investment makes many people believe that Apple will act on the satellite map service. Imitate his own. This is not the map, Apple's service is called what But people decide for each net that Apple's service map is very possible that Will replace Google's maps (Google Maps) on popular devices like iPhone.

Implications of moving the point that Apple is focused on the Google. This is great news stunned the world. We have written several articles confident that Apple will launch the satellite map service. Artificial in the end No different with the new service by the company's other technology purchased.

We have many important people believe that Apple look to undo all rely on Google Support. And it seems both will be more competitive even act as a friend love in the past have noted that the situation is in line with Apple's intended path. Already detached. And develop their own unique technologies such as the chips designed specifically for iPhone (iPhone) to non-standard chip, such as more mobile.

The acquisition of maps of the Apple Placebase occur silently since July. Although Apple will not discuss details of making a purchase, but have decide for the lead associated with Google that the purpose of the Apple is trying to enhance the stronger their own for over Google, while some believe it is. Apple seen as channel money to himself.

Ago, Apple also develop search service on the iPhone manually. Not tied to any search service of the camp. It is the search function on the Safari web browser (Safari), Apple's own. This point is speculation that the map service of Apple Inc. may be called Safari mapped's (Safari Maps) has all analysts in the market indicates that not surprising that Apple would want to isolate itself from Google, particularly with. mind away from Google Maps program, a program's start in the iPhone. And iPod touch now

Placebase for companies that Apple is a company that bought the new (startup) in Los Angeles, LA, Sat. Highlight is the API to allow developers to create programs that map the feature and functionality. , Not found in Google's maps are important PolicyMap company also has technology that allows users to collect data on various types of map data tables and reports. This is a great help in strategic decision making. The News reports indicate that factor. Large organizations like Washington Post (Washington Post) are already customers of Placebase.

Seagate Announces Hard Drive Capacity Market 3 terabytes

Although the post will be competing in the industry, Seagate hard drives snatched away some market share. But the situation seems different. Will not make the company a long time together with the disk to fear anything. Last, because the Seagate Technologies has announced the launch of preparing high capacity hard drives 3 terabytes ago.

The hard drive version of the Seagate have recently confirmed that to be released later in 2553 and released by Seagate also offers advice for those wishing to change the hard drive models such as that "For use only with 3 hard drives need to work through during byte operating system Windows Vista, Windows 7 for 64 bit Version and some versions of Linux only Moreover, users also need to update the system Bios (for motherboard older) with it because the hard drive version will be changes in the LBA (Logical Block Addressing) from 512byte a 4,096 byte to support the system that adds. higher. That if a user runs the hard drive through the operating system Windows XP or machine that uses a BIOS to older version of the machine can not see the capacity of hard drives full 3 only between bytes, but will look inadequate only 2.1 Tech Ra. B only Bios because Windows XP includes the LBA can only look at the old (512byte), which were used almost 30 years ago.

Therefore, for a target of high-capacity hard drive is the Seagate has added. Will focus on corporate marketing crowd, a large server. And focus groups that use hard drives to store large amounts of data over at the Consumer markets are not open wide enough for one new technology.

Finally, the Seagate has also concluded important information for the Consumer to use the hard drive is the fact that everyone can use high capacity hard drives. But that requires a hard drive. In addition, your computer will need systems operations Windows Vista, Windows 7 as 64-bit and on the Bios it is necessary to support UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), which is the core of the Startup hard drive new this with

"iPad" 1 million units sold

Apple states that sold computer tablet I pad (iPad) already 1 million after the launch of a 28-day Hammer statistics sellers rather than a smart phone touch screen with iPhone (iPhone) ever made. to the fold.

Steve Jobs CEO, Apple states that over iPhone will make sales of one million units that take up to 74 days demand than expected These apples need to postpone the release I pad the market away. The book is the first I ordered pad from consumers outside the United States on May 10. After the announcement. Apple shares up 5.26 dollars equivalent to 2% before closing at 266.35 dollars.

I pad as part of a high-tech product markets, one's talent rising in the extreme at the moment Recent surveys showed that semiconductor devices. (Semiconductor) or Consolidation microchip sales up 50% in March last. Recorded a second month in the best quarter of the global semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor Industry Association. (Semiconductor Industry Association) provides that the United States. Chip sales in March 2010 is higher than in 2009 to 58.3% but higher than the month in February 2010 approximately 4.6%.

Association does not disclose sales figures worth microchip in March just past indicated that the sales increase will enable operators to accelerate capacity. To meet the needs. Believe that what happened is a good means Nimit the global economic recovery.

Acer Veriton X480G

Eco-conscious multitasker: The Veriton X480G desktop PCs offer a choice of powerful Intel® processors and up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory to handle the most challenging office tasks. These compact professional PCs also pack a host of Acer software applications for convenient system management and dependable security. To top it off, the Veriton X480G have passed rigorous certification tests to cut your costs, while caring for the environment.