What is Forex

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange.

Perhaps the acronym that FX.

If no translation between the square Forex is foreign exchange rates. But if the meaning of some investors is the Forex market trading foreign currency exchange rates. Example. Exchange rates between currencies quoted in U.S. dollars (USD) to Japanese Yen (JPY) is the exchange rate is USD / JPY = 89.88 Forex investors would bid into the exchange rate speculation. If you see the trend of the currency the U.S. $ is stronger than the Japanese Yen will go a Long Position to just focus all What is conclude that it is acquiring. More details will be explained later. In contrast, if you see money quoted in U.S. dollars will be more than the Japanese Yen will. Enter the Short Position or sell building-block.

If a meaningful take home any time they like to play the Hi-Low - to buy - sales That Tongue out, but if say a like gambling, it will take to Forex segment different from gambling. We can overcome the Forex market without the good luck. If through analysis of existing tools or tools that we have come together to see that write tools that can be used to analyze the Forex market to overcome what.