Script and Scribble: The Rise & Fall of Handwriting

The growth of the world have many things to many important heritage is an opportunity lost. One writer in the English book, "Script and Scribble: The Rise & Fall of Handwriting" predicted that the handwriting is very slow extinction.

Kitty Burns Fla. Ray author this book to the BBC news interview that the art of writing by hand is deterioration due to rapid generation. New pen for writing itself less as a modern communication system through Computer networks and mobile phones widely around the world and have a tendency Higher throughout Eliminates the need to write by hand anymore.

Flor-ray indicated that the measles calligraphy is fundamental to learning. School in England during the last century and how British people have. Writing unique. Evident from the story during the second war. When German soldiers pose a British engineer and secretly to England To spy the webcam to the year. In the provinces, but because of people getting caught. Writing the military, one does not like English people.

BBC news interview Mark Brown, principal of St. Mary. A Catholic primary school in. Axminster, Devon. Found that the school itself. Any change teaching methods from being used to highlight the beautiful calligraphy orderly To focus on the contents of the writing more

Brown also states that teaching children to learn calligraphy and the majority of parents want to be Same period of the school itself, but also change the focus, which allows children to write better content, but poor handwriting when compared with people of the ancients.

Flor-ray indicates the importance of reading, writing and handwriting will be reduced indefinitely. Except in the medical community because most of the popular Dr. write The diagnostic manual. And prescription drugs, it is well known that their handwriting. Dr. Read toughest in the world and sometimes the treatment is causing the error.

Thailand itself is a problem is evidenced by recent news that the boys penis and trim the children to the clinic for surgery in the mouth ulcer.

What is believed to be due to the acceleration of the handwriting and the handwriting is extinct faster development of mobile phones that have become communication tools for new and recent books are selling well in Japan of a book. "First experience" of Japanese high school students aged 22 years the UK has the Pen - Hotel Star model, which means firefly dream about the impossible This book may be the best-selling book of the world's first book written. By pressing a button.

CNN news. Reported that Mr. firefly books on writing fantasize about the impossible. Mobile is a new phenomenon in Japanese society by a new generation writing. Subject line of each mobile and send it to an existing website in Japan.

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Progress of communication. All of these phenomena and the key to writing books by hand to recoil. New Generation of Culture. The group of people. A great worry. This audience is a stationery manufacturer.

Reported that the total production. And distributor of stationery, but also expanded. Stationery Industry Association of America and countries not start. Ensure the future of business is providing support for projects in writing. Many countries, including the association of authors such as stationery Association. Support the work of America. Day of calligraphy in all day on January 23 of each year.

In England, the calligraphy competition in the primary unit Jobs in England called Support and Training inPrep Schools (SATIPS) held every year by as well. In China and Japan also write letters to art itself. Kind of continued government support exists.

However Fla. Ray wrote in her book that the future of the handwriting. Worsen to the order and eventually it will become difficult to read the same Bible and ancient as the result of experts in ancient writing books. Require a trained professional scribe the only