10 questions about striking hard.

0.85-inch HDD by Toshiba with 4GB capacity is a tiny hard drive in the world. (Edited) hard drive - all the equipment and know it very well. But base on the storage device popular in the world that we will be. To tell you the following. Ensure that interest and build stunned to you for sure.

[1] Data influx world: 988,000,000,000,000 MB.

Findings from the IDC announce the amount of all the information stored on a hard world in 2006 that number to 161 Exabytes that result in estimates that in 2010 the amount of information will increase to 988 Exabytes, or. almost one thousand million million megabytes!

[2] The actual size.

Though we see and manipulate, but the external hard drive. But manufacturers will not know the numbers refer to the size of the disk inside to why, for example. HDD 3.5-inch body, it actually has a width of 10 cm or 3.937 inch.

[3] The world's first hard disk.

In 1956, data storage, called IBM 350 was designed to contain as part of the computer IBM 305 RAMAC with a head 2 head act read - write on a piece of disk size 24 "50 sheets of rotation with speed 1200 rpm, all this storage is only 4.4MB.

[4] defects in good faith.

Calculate the size of the hard disk. Side of the production is based on size with the number base 10 to base with one gigabyte is equal to 10 ^ 9 bytes (10 square 9) while the computer works on the basis of number base 2, so a gigabyte is equal to 2 ^ 30 (. 2 raised to the power 30), or 1,073,741,824 bytes this reason, in fact, hard disk size is only 250GB is only 232GB.

[5] Moore's Law, including the hard disk.

Capacity of the hard disk is increased to double every 12 months - a phenomenon that we will see from now on. Currently available in hard cost up to 1.5TB capacity then.

[6] price against capacity

Current U.S. funds only 4 can be exchanged to storage up to 1 gigabyte hard drive and vice versa ST506 Size 5.25 "Capacity 5.5MB market launch of Seagate is the first time since 1980 that the price per capacity of 12,500. per 1MB ever.

[7] for even more tightly.

Hard disk recording technology that uses a vertical (Perpendicular Recording) in the current density of information per 1 square centimeter area of 155Gb which represents a higher rate on the first hard drive 50 years ago to 60 million units.

[8] as the smallest ever.

At CES last month in January 2004, Toshiba has unveiled the 0.85-inch hard drive with 4GB capacity, which is a tiny hard drive and has the record for the Guinness Book of World Record as the already

[9] longevity to 40 degrees.

When in 2007 the past Google has been analyzing data from the hard drive of 100,000 in its own data center and found that Hard disk usage will last longer when working in environments with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius and over 45, whether hot or cold below 30 degrees are all the hard work-life shorter total

[10] much smaller than 5,000 hair.

Be careful not to fall! In today's hard disk space between the heads - and writing surface of Magnetic only 10 nm, while the hair of people will have about 50,000 nanometers thick.