Cisco IP Phone

Cisco IP Phone Send material to recycling markets. Supports multimedia. Customers handle medium to large organizations. Set IP Phone pressure sales growth again this year 30%.

The handset features a 2-way video calls and can be developed. An application to display the IP Video surveillance Video streaming Video source or other screen IP Phone supports transfer Video to 30 frames per second with support HD audio codec G.722, iSAC a port for connection. a Bluetooth, SDIO and USB for connecting devices such as Bluetooth headset, USB headset.

Additionally, the port also has a network switch for connecting Gigabit Ethernet 2 ports and supports Wi-Fi support for the 9971 model an application as an xml, Java Midlet and web 2.0 capable browser supports touch screens. Showing Thai This makes sure that Cisco will help drive sales of IP telephony this year grew 30% more.