iPhone OS 4.0

After opening the computer, tablet touchscreen "I pad (iPad) to the beautiful latest Steve Job CEO of Apple shows the operating system iPhone OS 4.0 (iPhone OS 4.0) versions of last Thursday, 8. last April. It appears that Apple was able to pinch that the new iPhone OS 4.0 is a basis can not do harm to the platform competition at an Android (Android) I like the ability to open multiple applications simultaneously. (Multitasking) can set a background image or wallpaper. Include placing the document folder on the home screen.

However, iPhone OS 4.0 can also attract attention by sound with new social networking game. And innovative advertising platform iAd an application for portable devices. All confident that Steve's Job iPhone OS 4.0 will work best will come out even later than others. Firework 100 new features this summer. Apple guarantee that iPhone OS 4.0 will allow iPhone (iPhone) iPod (iPod) and I pad the new capabilities more than 100 points, Apple plans to begin sales iPhone and iPod summer. this Before I upgraded pad to follow in the autumn. The developer can run a program or set of development API (application-programming interface) that has more than 1.500 to set up an application for devices running on the iPhone OS 4.0 is convenient.

However, unfortunately the new features all the iPhone OS 4.0 will run on hardware, new generations only because iPhone first generation and iPhone Tree G (iPhone 3G) as well as iPod Touch (iPod Touch) has limitations. on hardware that can not multi-tasking is. However, if users upgrade to 4.0 will feature a new part. Job's indicated that Apple released the iPhone and iPod Touch sold over 85 million now. Chu Several simultaneously. To describe the multi-tasking features, the main issue most talking about Apple iPhone OS 4.0, Apple specified that. Success in developing a multi-tasking does not affect battery life lottery machine is liberal This feature was built for the program itself is only by developing an API and open to the camp application partners can share the work.

Effect of API allows an application streaming of radio stations like Pandora (Pandora) and an application calls over the Internet with Skype (Skype) can work behind the (background) only make use We can surf the Web's calls or listen to music simultaneously without. Be afraid that it will soon slow and battery. Demonstration of multiple programs open at once can only select an application from a new menu bar. Apple, which is installed at the bottom of the screen. Is interesting. Apple is focused on advertising revenue from mature With the launch of advertising platform on an iPhone application called I add (iAd) that Apple is one picture in the ad sales to developers who want to place ads in the program itself. What is special about I add a user will not have to quit an application when you click on the ads. And ads will be displayed as animation and video and animation. At the same time it allows the user purchased an application through a new ad it. Apple, for all share is split 40% and 60% for developers. In addition, Apple also introduced new social networking game behalf. "Game Center (Game Center)" is open to game developers to create social networking features to the game itself created. This will allow users to submit a challenge against a known friend. Or may order an application for a friend as a gift also. All these have all contributed to stimulate the iPhone games.

IPhone OS 4.0 also has improved the overall points as part of several e-mails can be adapted to better manage their email. Can create folders to store an application has. Launching an application for reading books on iBooks iPhone. Includes new features that make the security business do better. Have the ability to set background or wall paper for first page (home screen) and screen when locked (lock screen) and supports 5x digital zoom feature spellcheck. And the ability to send short messages through an application directly. Analysts such as a Baja Tim Prince (Tim Bajarin) believe that the iPhone will be pleased with the launch of IPhone OS 4.0, however, some believe the American media all have a very low potential to do harm to Patrick. Forms & Other smart phones other Andrew particular steroid. Since multi-tasking is a key feature of an Android release itself long ago as the ability to set wallpaper, and email management are all there. In an Android then as well. Media U.S. Some think that iPhone OS 4.0 is also lack features that call IT most needed, such as data connections via Wi-Fi without a cable support, file extensions Flash and operation mode data or Mass storage. mode, which allows users to drag and drop or drag and drop files from your computer to the iPhone directly. Because the past. IPhone users now have to transfer files through an application on.