"iPad" 1 million units sold

Apple states that sold computer tablet I pad (iPad) already 1 million after the launch of a 28-day Hammer statistics sellers rather than a smart phone touch screen with iPhone (iPhone) ever made. to the fold.

Steve Jobs CEO, Apple states that over iPhone will make sales of one million units that take up to 74 days demand than expected These apples need to postpone the release I pad the market away. The book is the first I ordered pad from consumers outside the United States on May 10. After the announcement. Apple shares up 5.26 dollars equivalent to 2% before closing at 266.35 dollars.

I pad as part of a high-tech product markets, one's talent rising in the extreme at the moment Recent surveys showed that semiconductor devices. (Semiconductor) or Consolidation microchip sales up 50% in March last. Recorded a second month in the best quarter of the global semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor Industry Association. (Semiconductor Industry Association) provides that the United States. Chip sales in March 2010 is higher than in 2009 to 58.3% but higher than the month in February 2010 approximately 4.6%.

Association does not disclose sales figures worth microchip in March just past indicated that the sales increase will enable operators to accelerate capacity. To meet the needs. Believe that what happened is a good means Nimit the global economic recovery.