Seagate Announces Hard Drive Capacity Market 3 terabytes

Although the post will be competing in the industry, Seagate hard drives snatched away some market share. But the situation seems different. Will not make the company a long time together with the disk to fear anything. Last, because the Seagate Technologies has announced the launch of preparing high capacity hard drives 3 terabytes ago.

The hard drive version of the Seagate have recently confirmed that to be released later in 2553 and released by Seagate also offers advice for those wishing to change the hard drive models such as that "For use only with 3 hard drives need to work through during byte operating system Windows Vista, Windows 7 for 64 bit Version and some versions of Linux only Moreover, users also need to update the system Bios (for motherboard older) with it because the hard drive version will be changes in the LBA (Logical Block Addressing) from 512byte a 4,096 byte to support the system that adds. higher. That if a user runs the hard drive through the operating system Windows XP or machine that uses a BIOS to older version of the machine can not see the capacity of hard drives full 3 only between bytes, but will look inadequate only 2.1 Tech Ra. B only Bios because Windows XP includes the LBA can only look at the old (512byte), which were used almost 30 years ago.

Therefore, for a target of high-capacity hard drive is the Seagate has added. Will focus on corporate marketing crowd, a large server. And focus groups that use hard drives to store large amounts of data over at the Consumer markets are not open wide enough for one new technology.

Finally, the Seagate has also concluded important information for the Consumer to use the hard drive is the fact that everyone can use high capacity hard drives. But that requires a hard drive. In addition, your computer will need systems operations Windows Vista, Windows 7 as 64-bit and on the Bios it is necessary to support UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), which is the core of the Startup hard drive new this with